Don’t Fall Into This Dangerous Trap

Capturing the low-hanging fruit, the people ready to make a move, is a no-brainer.Why not just concentrate on those? It’s an easy trap to fall into. But, why not reap all potential rewards by having proper systems in place to nurture leads over time? Remind your contacts and leads about your helpful role in the process, your availability, and your competence on a regular, consistent basis.

We read a great article about the lead nurturing process last week. Take the time to read and think about it. The author, Christina Ethridge, focuses on Facebook. We have broken down the tools in your Toolkit you should use to avoid a “shortsighted view” on marketing. Build your business a “true funnel”- a funnel that brings your leads into your nurturing process.

“Why on earth wouldn’t you want to scale your time and money?…Until you change your view about “leads,” you’ll never be able to see Facebook (or any lead-generating method for that matter) as anything other than a shortsighted, low-hanging-fruit option.”- Christina Ethridge

How do you apply it? Spend 10-15 minutes a day in your AccelerAgent Toolkit setting up nurturing processes so that your time and focus is spent on ensuring your success in the long term, not just on today’s sale.

EVERY potential lead should have an email campaign of some kind associated with it

Whether they are ready to use your services today or one year from now, the key to success is understanding the client’s time frame and then to consistently market to them.

Every homeowner that you meet should have a Seller’s Corner search working in their favor. Just remember to ask for their email addresses.

Make sure to properly set the frequency of updates. If they are selling soon, set the updates to Daily. If the prospect is selling in the 6 month to 1 year period, set it for a weekly or bi-weekly. Use your common sense. If the seller is years away from selling, an email once a month should work. If it is years from now, you may not want to send too many emails, or they may unsubscribe or ignore them.

Use the same tactic for your Buyers.

Buyers who are actively looking, should be set up on daily or on-going property alerts. Those that are 30 days away from “getting serious”-daily or weekly listing updates should be enough.

Take a moment to set up a couple drip email campaigns where you share non-listing related information about you and your business.

This can be done in the CRM section of your Toolkit under Follow-up Campaigns. Explain a complex idea, like the home buying process. Give your leads what they want to know and need in small doses. Grab their attention…and keep it.

Take 15 minutes a day to make sure your leads are with you for the long term. Why give yourself a false sense of satisfaction? Don’t just celebrate today’s close- ensure that you have another close in 30 days.

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