Don’t Leave Your Lead’s MLS Search at Zero Properties Found

Don’t Leave Your Lead’s MLS Search
at Zero Properties Found

People can search for homes on your AccelerAgent™ website. Once they save the search, their contact information will be captured and you will be notified. The client will begin receiving listing alerts when a property that matches their parameters hits the market.

Once you are notified, make it a point to log into your AccelerAgent™ toolkit and view the total number of listings found for the client. Sometimes just expanding their price range or areas of interest will increase the number of listings they receive on a daily basis. You do not want 0 listings sent to your new client. When contact between the two of you decreases, you increase the chance of them searching elsewhere.

Take a couple minutes to change the fields appropriately so that the search can be useful. Check the fields to see what can be causing zero results. Any excuse to call a client for a little relationship building is a good thing. Your market expertise makes you invaluable. Let your new client know that you deserve their business.

Here are a few screenshots in case you run into this issue.

Go into your AccelerAgent Toolkit. Click on Active under MLS Searches.

Active Searches

Here are a few searches that produced zero results.

List of Active Searches

To correct their search, click on Edit Search Criteria.

Edit Search

Perhaps the lead has been getting their listing information from websites that start with the letter Z. Perhaps they clicked on an obscure field or specified a price that is far too low for a luxury area.

Always remember to check your Active MLS searches. Review what your clients are receiving and what time of day they are looking for homes. When there are zero search results, they are not seeing your face. Your success is affected by the amount of times your clients see your face, brand, and domain name.

Search Criteria

Do not let that search linger. Give them a call and introduce yourself. You now have an opener for a meaningful conversation. It is your job to educate your clients upon seeing that the search results are small or nonexistent.

After you reset the search, we recommend you customize the email that will go with the notification of the search change. For example, “Hi, I noticed you set up a search in Los Gatos for properties that fall under $1,000,000. I have adjusted the price points for you to help you receive more properties that fit your needs. If you have a question, give me a call.”.

Search Criteria

We recommend that you check these boxes.


To complete the change, click “Save Search.”.

Save Search

Kick some butt this week! Let us know if this helped you.

Kick some butt this week! Let us know if this helped you.

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