Post Your Listings On Craigslist More Often

Since your ad will be “bumped” down from the top of the list pretty quickly in some areas, a lot of agents would like to keep their ads “fresh” and near the top at all times in Craigslist. Here are a few ways to edit the Craigslist Real Estate Ad that is generated from the AccelerAd tool to keep your listing in front of Craigslist visitors.

  1. Add miscellaneous text to the end of the advertisement. This can be done by adding a simple quote or verbiage at the end of each your Craigslist post (after all the HTML code). An easy way to do this is by grabbing a quote from a any number of Quote websites like BrainyQuote. Just add a copy/paste a different quote to each post so that the Craigslist will not think it’s a duplicate.
  2. Edit the listing info. Feel free to go either into your listing editor or Craigslist editor and change up the description of the property. Add some sentences before/after the original text.
  3. Edit the Hyperlinks. A little bit more advanced but if you know what you are doing, you can point visitors to different pages on your website than what is default on the ad. For example, if you have created a Custom IDX page that shows all actives for a city, you can add a hyperlink that says, “See All Available Homes in San Jose, CA” and the link will go to that custom IDX page.

Those are just some of the easy ways to edit the AccelerAd. Feel free to leave some more ways in the comments area below.
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  2. This is informative. That’s right… The benefit is you get more traffic to your website and leads today Craigslist is powerful that after you start posting ads you will start generating traffic to your website almost instant! – Charlie

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