Enable Mobile Detect for iPads and Tablets

Enable Mobile Detect for iPads and Tablets

The PropertyMinder mobile app will work on iPads and Android tablets although it is not yet optimized for the hi-resolution at the moment. Therefore, this setting will enable or disable the mobile detect popup notification from showing on iPads or Android tablets.

Please find it in the Preferences area of you Toolkit.
Go to Preferences, then:

To learn other information about the PropertyMinder Mobile App, please go to http://www.propertyminder.com/mobile-app-faq

Please contact support@propertyminder.com with any questions or call 800-743-5820.

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  1. I would like to app for my clients

  2. RealEstateWebsites says:


    We will be sending an email a little bit later today with instructions and videos to setup the mobile app.
    Please keep an eye out for it.

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