A Few Obvious Reasons To Use PropertyMinder’s MLS Search Tool


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1. Website Traffic

You want your website to generate traffic.
The more traffic your AccelerAgent website receives, the greater the chances of capturing a valuable lead.

In addition, traffic is one factor in determining Page Rank.
With our MLS Search tools, you have the ability to create customized searches for both your existing clientele and for the incoming visitors that your site attracts.

Our Custom IDX tools can be used to create neighborhood market searches that update on their own! These pages are then found by search engines. They can be shared on social media services, emails, and more. Just remember every visitor is a potential customer.


2. Familiarity- Use the same tools that Your Clients use

How many of your new clients feel comfortable creating their own searches through the local MLS’ website?

How many times has a client contacted you about a search that they set up on a different site?

With your PropertyMinder search tool, you now have a one-stop shop for your clients. Our unique search tool combines the valuable features of property search with the easy- to- use PropertyMinder system. Both you and your clients can utilize similar tools, assisting with clarity and qualification for new business.


3.  Tracking

Once a search is set up, the major benefits truly begin. You client will receives updates for their search on a regular basis (as defined by you, or by them) via e-mail.

They can also view their search updates through your website’s “Client Login” area, or with our Facebook application, AccelerApp, which is on your Faceboook business page. When they interact with their search, favorite a listing, request a showing appointment, send the listing to  friends- you are able to see a complete history of the time and date each listing was viewed.


4.  Join the AgentAlliance!

Perhaps the greatest benefit of teaming with PropertyMinder for your real estate needs is the ability to join our AgentAlliance.

The AgentAlliance is a group of agents who share what their clients are searching (but not who they are, of course!). Our unique system connects agents, within your MLS, to each other so that everyone can continue to grow their businesses together. The sole purpose of AgentAlliance is to enhance the business outlook, reduce the stress associated with looking for active buyers, and to help you with your next listing presentation.


5. Your Buyers Match

Having joined the AgentAlliance, agents may now utilize one of the most powerful tools available to a PropertyMinder client – Buyer Match. The Buyer Match connects members of the AgentAlliance together. No longer does an agent need to wait around or struggle to find a match for their listing.

Use Buyer Match on your next listing appointment to show the homeowner how many buyers you have access to in the area. Keep in mind that the Buyer Match tool is only as effective as the AgentAlliance. When you make the decision to start your service with PropertyMinder, make sure that you immediately begin setting up your searches for your clientele in order for listing to know to contact you!

2 Responses to “A Few Obvious Reasons To Use PropertyMinder’s MLS Search Tool”

  1. LeeAnn Pack says:

    Is your program in lieu of my website? I have an agent in my office who wants to set up her own website, so does she need one before she can use your services? Thanks.

  2. LeeAnn-

    Thank you for reading our blog and taking a little interest in what we offer.
    If you would like to pass this phone number to your associate, she will be able to speak to one of our sales representatives.(800)743-5820×1
    They will be able to show her example websites and the tools she will get. Cheers to you.

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