Free Use of Seller’s Corner has been extended!

If you are a PropertyMinder customer, we have extended the free use of Seller’s Corner until May 15th.

We want you to have the opportunity to re-connect meaningfully with all your contacts and sellers. Learn how to use an automated CMA tool to seamlessly send them meaningful, useful data about their neighborhoods. Take advantage of this free trial use!

“Already using it and it is AWESOME! Set up some contacts just 45 minutes ago and already got a response wanting some business cards to pass to a neighbor looking to sell.”
-Tim Montoya
It’s working like a champ. I started uploading my contacts last week and I’ve already gotten three listing appointments. I’ve put in all my buyers from the past 5 years. Now is prime time for real estate. People are wondering what their home is worth.I see them clicking on the CMA link and I follow up. They are not asking anyone else, they want to ask me. When they have a question, I can set up a time. Once I’m through the door, I know it’s a done deal!”
-Chris DiNapoli

How to:

  • Login into your Toolkit and open your CRM.
  • Click on the Seller’s Folder and Click “Send Email” to everyone in the Sellers Folder (Hint: a Seller is someone that owns a home).
  • Now you have your Sellers’ addresses updated in your CRM’s Sellers Folder. This folder is directly connected to Seller’s Corner.
  • Exit your CRM and go back to the main screen. Next to your CRM, you will see Seller’s Corner.
  • Please click on this button.
  • If a Neighborhood Alert is not set up for your clients, the balloon will be red.
  • On the map you will find a button called “Send to Everyone.” Click on this button.
  • You will be taken to the Email Edit screen.
  • This window will help you choose the interval of the Neighborhood Alerts, the branded graphic template, and the email text your clients will see.
  • Now click “Activate Search.”
  • Your are done.


Seller’s Corner will help you:

  • Reach out and reconnect with your existing database of homeowners
  • Harvest e-mail addresses from your farm by simply asking, “Would you like to feel secure about the value of your property?”
  • Capture open house “nosy neighbors” and start marketing to them
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Identify home owners in your database who may be thinking about selling
  • Motivate sellers to appropriately price their home
  • Motivate sellers to adjust their list price if necessary (Have you ever had a seller call you to ask for a price reduction?)
  • List more homes!
  • Sell more homes!

Each seller will receive:

  • A professional, branded email that directs them to your website
  • Information about their neighborhood
  • Market statistics so they will have an understanding of their home’s value

Keep your clients away from:

  • The listing agent down the street
  • This weekend’s Open House
  • Zillow

Take your clients back with Seller’s Corner

Easy. Powerful. Listing Generation.

“This has been a huge wake up call. This is the way to capture your sellers, the ones who are just sitting there. Not everyone has an assistant. We are so busy, and sellers are the ones who drop off. I’ve known that I have to get back into my database. As a real estate agent- I know we fall behind. This will help agents because they will know that they have to start paying attention to their database. This is another pillar of business they have not been looking at. Once you sell a home, those sellers are gone. Inventory is low- this is also a problem for agents. So dig into your database! This tool makes you do this. I love Seller’s Corner!”
–Peggy James

Take advantage. It’s right there in your toolkit. Need help using it? Simply reach out to us. We have a rep solely dedicated to making sure you understand the tool. Reach out to her: anna at

Seller’s Corner: The industry exclusive, drip CMA tool that keeps you top-of-mind and your clients away from “enemy” territory.

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