Free Webinar tomorrow morning 9 AM PST: The Real Estate CRM

Please do not forget to register for tomorrow’s webinar about the AccelerAgent CRM.

The CRM (Client Relationship Management) is often mysterious, ignored, or misunderstood- but it also many a agent’s secret weapon.

Combined with a positive attitude, person-to-person interaction- a smartly used CRM transforms an agent’s business and turns many into millionaire agents. It helps nurture relationships, keep your sphere of influence close, and turns normal conversations into meaningful ones.

It helps with emailing, newsletters, drip email marketing, neighborhood alerts, grouping contacts/leads by category-the list goes and on. It works while you are busy during the day and while you sleep. If you feel you need to brush up or catch up on important skills- please join us. The webinar is free and well worth your time. Please help us spread the  word.
Click here to register. 

This webinar is on Tuesday, July 15th from 9:00 PST-10:00 PST. We hope to “meet” you tomorrow!

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