Functional 404 Error Page

Functional 404 Error Page (COMING SOON)

functional 404 error page

What is a 404 error? According to Wikipedia,

The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not find what was requested.

Normally, our client websites didn’t show 404 errors since the URLs were always uniform, never deviated, and weren’t editable. Since we upgraded the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options, the ability to edit the URL or permalink of a given page was added. This may have caused visitors who have bookmarked a specific URL to now see a 404 error page instead of the normal page they used to visit. For example, if the URL was changed to, then the 404 error will show.

So that brings us to the actual 404 error page itself. We will be creating a functional 404 error page that performs more like a landing page where visitors can be directed to the Homepage, MLS Search, or Contact page, and will be shown within the layout of your PropertyMinder website.

This should be launched by next week. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact

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