Tip of the Week: Garbage Branding + a Trash Website = No Recycled Business

Quick Tip of The Week

The Two Types of Branding: Visual and Consistency

Your website design, your website content, your marketing collateral, your clothes, and you, create your visual brand. These are the tangible items that show people you are a real estate agent, an expert in your area, and that you ACTUALLY know how to sell a home.

Most agents cover the visual brand with a fancy car, a real estate agent pin on their blazer, and a 20 year old photo on their business card. Many agents ignore the visual brand that a good website offers, which is why those same agents contribute only 10% to the total amount of deals in the US. Too many agents lack marketing consistency which is why they lack repeat business.

In today’s real estate business, you must provide more content, more follow-up, and more technology to your clients. Basically, you have to make yourself more valuable to your clients so that they remember you.

Sending out the same articles month after month doesn’t work. Once your clients ignore your emails- they forget your domain name, they forget that you can sell their home, and they forget about you. Period. This is when they turn to Google and type in a search phrase or the address of the home down the street. We all know where your clients end up when that happens.

Consistency comes from all marketing and information coming from the same place- your website. Internalized marketing creates consistency and top of mind awareness. No consistency. No repeat business.

Setting up searches through your MLS is causing irreversible damage to the relationships you have with your clients. MLS results MUST be viewed on your website so your clients see your domain name, your testimonials, the areas you service, and your contact information.

Here is a question for you: If your client(s) get bored and want to search for real estate, where do they go to look for homes? Once again, we both know where they are going to search for homes. So, if you find yourself setting up searches through your MLS and simultaneously complaining about Zillow or Trulia, then you may partially to blame.

Do you know why ranchers BRAND their livestock? So other ranchers don’t steal them.

Put your brand on your clients. You will be amazed how much business you WON’T lose. Good luck this week!

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