Get more online visitors and make them respond

Direct response marketing is the centerpiece of PropertyMinder’s money-making iMarketing System. The start of the Internet and its growing popularity has spawned a number of different marketing possibilities.

Direct Response online is built around motivating your website visitors to contact you at the very first opportunity.

Once the consumers are on your site, content is key to making them stay. Here are some ideas for content: neighborhood events, current market trends, newsletters, testimonials and local groups that you may belong to. Your AccelerAgentTM Website has so many lead capture forms available for visitors to fill out – from home search to free reports.

According to Aric Kazarnovsky, Executive VP and co-founder of PropertyMinder, “the most important aspect of Direct Response Marketing is the initial method that agents use to encourage visitors to give their addresses and contact info. Once this information is captured, agents can build a relationship with these potential buyers and sellers before they even personally look at a property or meet them in person.” Aric is also the creator of the iMarketing System.

Customers who took PropertyMinder’s TechMar Program report greater results from implementing direct response strategies.

“The TechMar clinics were unbelievable. I can’t believe they packed in so much information in such a short period of time. There are so many “secrets” that no one wants you to know and now I know why. My website traffic went from 50 hits per week to 1000 hits this week. I have gotten 15 leads that signed up on my webpage this past week.“- Joe Doman, Realtor®

There are numerous effective techniques for consumers to be interested and respond, but first, you need them to come to your site.

There are two primary methods of obtaining more hits or traffic to your AccelerAgentTM Website: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click Advertising (PPC).

SEO is a way to increase your website’s organic or natural search ranking. By increasing organic rankings, agents gain more visibility, without having to spend on advertising. It does take time, but your traffic will definitely improve after you do some legwork.

Our TechMar Program covers SEO. It consists of two webinar-based classes that cover topics from identifying your vertical markets, modifying your meta tags, participating in social networking, getting more exposure for your listings, and much more. The program is built to ultimately get you more hits and let your site ‘exist’ on the web. You are given homework after each class so you get a hands-on experience.

Pay per Click is more for agents who do not have the time to make a lot of changes on the site and wants ‘immediate’ traffic from search engines such as GoogleTM and Yahoo!.

PropertyMinder valued customer discounts are available.

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