Get (more) savvy: More Updates to Seller’s Corner!

Get (more) savvy and strategic

There are more updates to Seller’s Corner. Here are the summary of updates for you below:

1) Select different property types for the Neighborhood Alerts you send, for example specify Single Family home or townhomes.

2) Choose how far back you want your display data to span. Select the days sold to send to your database. For example, you may want your clients to only receive alerts of homes sold only in the past 30 days.

3) You may edit the home address for the Neighborhood Alert and you have the option to save the address. Neighborhood statistics will change accordingly with the geographic location. If your client has more than one property, they will be able to see neighborhood stats around both homes. You may plot a client on the map without knowing their address. This gives your client the ability to correct the address so their neighborhood data is accurate.

4) The public may now use the “My Neighborhood” feature. They can click on a map and will then have access to all homes in their area. After 10 seconds, a lead capture form will appear which ask the client if they would like to see sold homes. Once they fill out the form, they will be emailed the link which will display all Active, Pending, and Sold homes in their neighborhood. They will also be placed on automatic alerts and updated on all new activity.


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