Give Your Website a Personality

A personal website can definitely become your second self. You must use it to avoid becoming “just another agent”. The more people see value on your site, the more they will stay and possibly convert to leads. Your website should reflect what you’re all about when it comes to your business. Here are some ideas for you to consider in modifying your current website:

Target Market. Having a niche can be beneficial. Although it is nice to work with “everybody”, it’s your expertise that will set you apart from the pack. Some examples include specializing with first time buyers, growing family, senior real estate, foreclosures, short sales, luxury homes and more.

Content. Once you’ve figured out your unique market, create your content. For example, if you specialize on first time buyers, add links that give them advise on what their checklist should look like before buying, or create a form on your website that will allow them to download a report on the latest first time buyer programs available.

Basic Contact Information. Make sure that your phone number and email address are correct. One typo on the email can cost you a lead. Also, if you’ve switched companies, be sure to change your logo and company information as well.

Testimonials. Show off those thank you letters from your clients. Given that buyers search for homes and agents online nowadays, it’s important that they see how satisfied your past clients were with your services. Sometimes we forget the power of reviews.

What’s in it for me? It’s nice to know what your designations are, where you’ve attended college, and what you were doing before your real estate career; however, an average Joe will not even know what those designations stand for. You can create a page for that, but do not forget to sell the benefits of having you as their agent.

Overall Design. Choose a website banner that best reflects your local area. If you’d like your listings to flow through a slideshow, add that to your homepage. If you have no listings at the moment, choose an animated design that has pictures of your area. The movement will create a different effect on your site.

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  1. Speaking your mind…Love being an agent but tied of my time being wasted when appointments are scheduled, but the client reschedules at the last minute.

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