Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!
Hello PropertyMinder world, we hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July spent with family and friends.

Here are some more funny images to celebrate our independence

someecards.com - Let's celebrate our freedom to complain about July 4th falling in the middle of the week.
someecards.com - This July 4th, let's celebrate the hard-fought independence of America and Katie Holmes.
someecards.com - This July 4th, let's celebrate our freedom to be trapped for five hours in horrifying standstill traffic
someecards.com - Let's enjoy one of the last Independence Days before our complete dependence on China
someecards.com - Let's proudly wave our American flags made in China
someecards.com - This July 4th, I'm certainly not above a Jim Beam-fueled

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