Hosting An Open House This Weekend? Keep This Mantra In Mind…

The neighbors that you meet are curious for a couple of reasons:

1) They don’t have a real estate agent providing them with neighborhood information to keep them informed.
2) Like many, their agent has left the business because they weren’t able to succeed.

Why do we say this?

-Every Email Counts.
-Every Call Counts.
-Every Conversation Counts.

Tomorrow you may meet someone that is considering selling in the future.

Tomorrow your database will get a few new names.

Tomorrow, engage in conversations that matter and ask questions that last. 


Let this be your mantra:

Tomorrow you will forge new relationships and meet new people that will see how driven, experienced, and sincere you are.


Tomorrow, will be a great day.

Here’s to growing, while you’re showing!

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Happy Friday to you,

PropertyMinder Community Manager
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