How can I turn a profit in a Real Estate down turning market?

Part Two: Where to find customers during turbulent times

Over the past few weeks each time I’ve read newspaper, listen to car radio or watched TV I was left with an impression that “Armageddon” is upon us. Bad news bombards us from every corner of universe from every TV and computer screens, print media and car or TV speakers.  Financial crisis is the most talked about topic of discussions from the board room to the bedroom.   Today’s head line on reads: “The Commerce Department reported Wednesday retail sales decreased 1.2 percent last month, nearly double the 0.7 percent drop that had been expected. It was the biggest decline since retail sales fell by 1.4 percent in August 2005″. I don’t have a crystal ball and I can not predict the future, but I despise those who preach doomsday, not so long ago they were of opposite view predicting continues rise of house prices and global prosperity and growth for US economy in particular. I did not believe them then and I do not believe them now.

To be right most of the time in forecasting weather in LA I do not need to be a weather man. All that I need is to spot the trend, and in LA it is sunny most of the time. If you bet red on the roulette table you will be right 49% of the time, which of course is a sure way to go broke.  Moral of the story: “Do not believe every forecast you read, do not believe every so call expert, they do not know any better that you or I.”

A Few days ago the market rebounded with a vengeance rising almost 1000 points, biggest one day rise in DOW 130+ year’s history. How many of you took advantage of it? According to some polls only 14% of people did, while 86% missed that one in a life time opportunity. How often do you think you will be presented with such fantastic opportunity, in my opinion not very often?   Sorry this blog was not intended for discussion about “get rich quick on stock market” but rather was some thoughts and prelude to “How to get customers during turbulent times”

Few days ago I was leisurely strolling down town Los Gatos, CA. I could not help myself but to notice that restaurants were busier that ever. Wow, all this talk about recession, depression, collapsing banks and economy slow down and yet I could not walk into a restaurant without a reservation. Needless to say I was surprised. Perhaps “bad” news has not percolated into these people’s minds, or perhaps the local economy is fueled by good quarterly reports from Intel, Google, and Apple Computer and like I do not now?

But what I do know is that just about every home owner has car.  Did you know that if you combine your car and house insurance usually you will save money? (My insurance does and it saves me a lot)  So why not get together with insurance broker or agent. It can be beneficial for both of you. Offer a cross marketing agreement with your insurance broker or agent, place a link or even better small advertisement on their site. Make it reciprocal to your site, its win-win for both of you.  We at PropertyMinder will facilitate necessary changes on your web site.

We as “homo sapiens” love to be treated nice, we love special attention etc.  We love referrals. What’s more when I go to a restaurant or visit doctor, shop for new car or buying jewelry I always ask: “Do you know anyone there, is he or she good?” You need referrals from other business.

Visit your local upscale dealerships: BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillac, Porsche, Audi, Lincoln, etc. Arrange a meeting with top sales consultants. Help them – they will help you. Ask for referrals, be reciprocal. May be they will let you put your web link on there site. Do so for top 10-20% of reputable small and medium businesses in your local community.

There are always few events conducted by private schools and sponsored by local business. You need to be among them, even if your kids have long gone from home.  But be decremented do not leave your “foot prints” everywhere, you will devalue yourself.

Try to arrange exclusive presentation or event in one of the local upscale Fitness Club. Invite affluent members, present them with opportunity. But, please do your homework; rehearse few times before you speak to an audience. Record and listen to your speech. Is every word is loud and clear, is it convincing? Ask your friends to critique, name your presentation well, it is extremely important.

Do not expect instant success and do not try to sell, just present opportunity and get your name out there. Collect participant’s e-mail and keep updating them via e-mail. This is an age of permission marketing and cross marketing.

Today NYMEX crude quoted at $75.2 per barrel, oil prices has decline and likely will continue to do so.  Stops vegetating at home and stop waiting for a miracle, you are Real Estate PROFESSIONAL you can afford to buy a few gallons of gas, go out there meet people and have fun.  During Great Depression FDR sad: “There nothing to be fear but fear itself”. We at PropertyMinder will help you with any changes necessary to make your business prosper and successful.

Boris Gruzman, CEO

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