How do we improve the relationships with the people in our database?

How do we improve the relationships with the people in our database? The better the relationship, the greater the probability of future business. Here is a quick run-through for you.

By Mark Burstein

Send Items of Value
Communicate important information such as home value fluctuations, mortgage rates, and home maintenance tips. Stick to your area of expertise as that will have the greatest influence on your business. Make sure you have a Seller’s Corner search set up for all of the home-owners in your database. Supplement the listing notifications with relevant seasonal home maintenance reminders that you can schedule in the follow up campaigns located in your AccelerAgent’s CRM. Also, make sure all of the good wishes, anniversary, and happy holiday emails are sent out at the appropriate times.
Make Physical Contact
Be sure to call your sphere of influence on a consistent basis. You will obviously reach out to contacts that take some sort of action on your email notifications, but do not forget about those that may not be active on your website. Try to call everyone at least once a quarter or twice a year at the very least. Make sure you take notes about your conversation in your AccelerAgent CRM that you can reference in future converations. Leverage the notes section of your CRM: Be sure to mention what you spoke of previously and to add a note or two about your most recent conversation. This is an incredibly important habit, especially when your database is between 300 and 500 + contacts. It’s the strategic thing to do.

Send out Cards or Personal messages
Make a habit of sending out hand written cards and notes. This reaffirms to your clients that you care and that you are a real person. After every conversation with a prospect either via phone or personal visit, send a thank you card, reiterate something you talked about, like wishing them well in a new venture or safe travels on an upcoming trip. Be sure to include a couple of business cards. This simple inclusion of your business cards implies your request for referrals without you having to ask directly. Refer to the notes section of your CRM for insights as to what to write in your card so you havee some impact on your clients.

So basically…

Improving your relationships with your past and potential clients is a worthy goal for those of you aspiring to be top-producing agents. Establishing strong connections does require a effort, time, and talent. You will, however, get better and better with practice.
Having a vast Toolbox, which we call the AccelerAgent Toolkit, as your partner to help you in your endeavors, should not only support your hard work, but also motivate you to take action.
Your PropertyMinder AccelerAgent website is there to support you with powerful tools such as: Seller’s Corner, Automated Listing Notifications, Drip email marketing, Event-based marketing, mobile apps, and a myriad of other tools, tricks, and opportunities to promote your listings and your business.

We hope this helped!
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