How to drive qualified traffic to your real estate website

Fact: 80% of buyers start their home search online.

Knowing that, are you going to throw more money at traditional marketing — printing more flyers and postcards for another non-effective geographic farm? If you have a website, who’s seeing it: your friends, your family, or that 2 percent of the people that received your real estate flyer in the mail?

Stop marketing to the same people.

Fishing for clients online

Just like you, many agents are online, but it’s hard to catch anything without the proper bait.

PropertyMinder can be the driving force behind your Internet marketing success. Pay Per Click (PPC) generates real traffic to your site. With PropertyMinder’s lead capturing website and a PPC campaign, you have all of the right equipment: a PPC campaign as the bait and a lead capturing website as the net.

You could manage your own Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but you would have to balance prospecting and meeting clients with managing your ads, keywords and locations. PropertyMinder PPC Advertising Experts can immediately drive qualified traffic to your lead capturing website by designing effective ads, monitoring daily clicks and optimizing your PPC advertising campaign using a combination of our exclusive Internet marketing techniques, strategies and software.

Increase Campaign Performance

PropertyMinder customizes every Search Enginemarketing campaign to fit the budget of each client. To maximize your ROI, our tools determine how much you should pay per click. Our PPC experts track your campaign performance and provide reports showing how your PPC campaigns have changed over a 30 day period.

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