How To Use AccelerAd Instructional Video

Here is an updated audio/video screencast of how to use the AccelerAd Craigslist posting system.

Step 1 – Login into your Free Craigslist Account (so that it won’t ask you later)
Step 2 – Go to your website, then login to Realtor Toolkit
Step 3 – Click on Inventory Manager
Step 4 – Click on “Post to Craigslist” on a specific listing
Step 5 – Edit the Posting Title and add in your Craigslist email address
Step 6 – Click Submit (it will open up a new window showing Craigslist ad)
Step 7 – Click Continue on the Craigslist prompt
Step 8 – Enter CAPTCHA (miscellaneous text)
Step 9 – Check Email to Publish Craigslist Ad

Below is a video showing the steps to post a real estate listing into Craigslist using the AccelerAd system.
Press FULLSCREEN to see the HiDef version.

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