How to Verify your Mobile Phone for Text Message Alerts

How to Verify your Mobile Phone for Website Alerts

It is very easy to verify your mobile phone to accept the Text Message Alerts from your PropertyMinder website. Please follow the steps below to enable your mobile phone to start receiving alerts.

  1. Go to the SMS Notifications area inside your Toolkit
  2. Enter your 10-digit Mobile Phone #, then press Verify It
  3. Notice the 6 digit code that has been assigned
  4. Wait for a phone call from the provider, then enter the 6 digit code when prompted
  5. That’s It!

Please view the animated GIF below with an example of the Verification process.


verify SMS alerts

Here is an example of the actual text alerts you might receive

You will get 10 FREE Text Message Alerts to test out before you purchase.

To learn more about Text Message Alerts, please visit, email or call (800)743-5820.

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