“I am a face-to-face agent, I don’t need any technology.”

Yes, we know you are a face-to-face agent (as you should be!), and that is why some agents we speak to everyday are resistant to technology. We have to point something out thought:

It’s a matter of small, meaningful touches, so that your clients don’t forget about you- and you can’t do those face-to-face with ALL your leads and past clients every couple of week or once a month (who has the time?!).

Those small, meaningful touches LEAD to the face-to-face and phone conversations which will allow you to keep interacting with your clients and leads in regular, meaningful and honest ways.

Insert yourself at the right time and the right place-but have automated systems in place so those moments and interactions happen (remind them of you!). It is right-timing and care and being relevant; helped by smart technology that puts you right where you should be: In your client’s head.

Some more sobering facts:


9 out of 10 homebuyers say they would work with their agent again at the end of the transaction. But only 9% of homeowners actually do use the same agent again when they decide to sell.


The result is sobering and sad: 9 out of 10 satisfied customers are abandoning real estate agents, simply because the person-to-person connection is lost- the agent did not stay in touch.


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