I work off of referrals, so I don’t need a good website (Myth and Lie)

Referral Logic- You work off of referrals because:
a) They don’t cost you marketing dollars
b) The lead is more qualified than an internet lead

Every agent works off of referrals. They are the cornerstone of any business. Low cost leads decrease the cost per sale.

No one really knows how many referrals they lose but it happens, often. Referrals are NOT lost because another real estate agent “stole” the person, they are lost because the person could not find you in a short amount of time. Do you think a person is going to spend more than a minute trying to locate your contact information online? Nope!

Fact: People remember domain names more than they recollect phone numbers or email addresses.

So if your domain name is not top- of- mind, just know that your clients do not have your contact information stored in their phone. They are referring your name from memory.

Question: How memorable is your marketing? Your website? Your last conversation?

How difficult are you making it for people to refer you business?

A website should do four things WELL:
1) Provide instant information so your visitors STAY
2) Build personal relationships with your buyers and sellers so you remain top of mind
3) Brand you as an expert in the areas you work
4) Should be easy to find, easy to use, and easy on the eyes.

If your website does not contain these 4 characteristics you should consider changing your email signature from “The best way to compliment me is referring your friends and family”  to “When you refer someone to me, I make it difficult for them to find me. Sorry”.

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