IDX Sitemap + SEO Fields

IDX Sitemap + SEO Fields
Behind the scenes, a site’s SEO (search engine optimization) can drastically help an agent reach their local buyers and sellers who are searching online for homes. To help with that, we have enabled several valuable tools on your PropertyMinder website.

IDX Sitemap
A sitemap XML file is a file that alerts the search engines what pages on the site are available for crawling. We have always had a sitemap for the regular content pages + custom pages on your website, but now we have added it for all of your IDX listing pages as well. This can possible mean up to thousands or tens of thousands of extra pages depending on your given MLS and the available listing inventory. It can mean active, pendings, and solds too, but again, depends on your given MLS and the data feed.

SEO Fields on Property Listing Details
On a given listing detail page, the SEO fields can be edited in one central area so that they reflect the criteria of each listing on the MLS. We have pre-filled each property listing’s SEO Title, Description, and Keywords with useful data.

Google + Bing Webmaster Tools
We recommend to create a Google and Bing account and submit your new sitemap XML file to Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster. In these areas, you will be able to submit your sitemap, get data, and diagnostics for your website.

To find your Sitemap XML file, please login to your Toolkit, go to Website Editor, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Example of Google Webmaster admin area:

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