If you are an agent, association, board, or brokerage…this video is for you.

It’s just a matter of time before almost everything in our industry goes mobile. We understand it can be a little scary to adapt your marketing to new habits and practices, but we will help you get there. Your relationships with your clients will improve and you will get more referrals. Some say, “We’re fine without it.” But, why not be better than “fine.” We work hard to provide mobile apps that are intuitive and user friendly, and that most importantly bring value to your business and save you time.

Whether you have had conversations with your colleagues about a mobile platform or you are doing beginning research, contact us and we will give you a 10 minute presentation. Perhaps the decision will not be made today, but you will know where to go when you are ready to decide.

Interested in our other tools? That’s fine too. Simply let us know and we will tailor our presentation to your needs to make best the best use of your time.

Cheers! Please let us know if you enjoyed the video. And if you did not…let us know why.

Click here to find out more about the (agent-only) AgentView app and here to find out more about the PropertyMinder app.

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