Image Marketing vs. Direct Response Marketing

“With so much competition in the market, one of the largest mistakes I see agents make is creating marketing just like everyone else” Says one of the instructors of the PropertyMinder TECH-MAR Clinic. So often we see real estate agents using only “image based” marketing, which focuses on the agent’s qualities such as “honesty” or “integrity” and it often confuses the consumer, who gets overwhelmed with how to choose a real estate agent.

In order to implement an effective real estate marketing plan, you will need to learn the basics of “direct response marketing”. This is a type of marketing that focuses on your consumer’s needs rather than on who you are as a Realtor®.

So the question then becomes “how do I separate my marketing from my competition’s marketing”? There happen to be several different ways to do that. Realtors® are instructed on how to do this on their real estate websites ever day in the TECH-MAR Clinic.

PropertyMinder clients that have made this switch on their real estate websites are seeing some fantastic results in a very short period of time. You will too by following these top 2 tips on how to separate your marketing from your competition’s.

Statistics: Statistics are a great way to separate yourself from your competition.  For example: If you on average save your buyers 12% on the purchase of a home TELL PEOPLE! Instead of having a slogan that says “I have honesty, integrity and the passion to make peoples dreams come true” (or some version of that) make your slogan “I guarantee to save you 10% on your next home purchase or give you $1,000.00″. Notice the first slogan focused on you, the agent, the second focused on the client’s desires.

In Buyer marketing a simple way to figure our your own unique statistics is to go through the last 12 months of your transactions and take the list price, subtract the final purchase price and the difference is the total savings.

Specialties: Become an expert. Then TELL PEOPLE! If you specialize in working with first time home buyers then instead of having a slogan that says “leading people to achieve their dreams with passion and expertise” (or again some version of that) try using “An expert in saving first time home-buyers thousands of dollars GUARANTEED” across the top of yourPropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Website.  Notice again the first slogan focused on you, the agent, and the second focused on the client’s desires.

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