In-Depth PropertyMinder Review (VIDEO)

Ruth & Perry Mistry, currently ranked top 1% of Coldwell Banker agents, review their PropertyMinder website and how it has helped them with buyers, sellers, listing presentations, listing alerts, IDX searches, school data, and more.

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3 Responses to “In-Depth PropertyMinder Review (VIDEO)”

  1. Monica says:

    There is no sound?

  2. RealEstateWebsites says:


    I just tested it and it works. Not sure why it doesn’t for you.

  3. I like the way that the web site is user friendly for buyers, sellers and agents alike. There are so many useful features on this site that’s is difficult to pinpoint just one. As an agent I like the client tracking, the Craigslist AccerlerAd, the ability to group my clients and send professional looking messages, the IDX feature, the drop down foreclosure listings on the front page, the hits tracking, the continual improvements added to the web site and so much more. I recommend Property MInder to any agent considering a web site. And if your not considering a web site you will after you have tried Property Minder.

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