iPhones and Meebo and my website (oh my!)

Many times I have assisted my PropertyMinder, Inc. Realtor clients in setting up chat services on their websites.  I have been using the free utility from Meebo for quite a while (almost three years) and I have found the most recent release to be nothing short of cool.

By going to www.meebo.com you can log into any of your online instant messenger accounts at Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN and others.  This is nice, but the real gem is when you create your own Meebo account, you can create your own chat system and integrate it into your website through the use of a Widget, a small program code that will be embedded into any page on your website that allows for editing and the addition of HTML.  With the PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Website I suggest a button on the home page for Chat and to create a specific chat page.

This widget will allow clients to type chat with you.  Many who are visiting your website may be more inclined to ask a question on a chat system as opposed to making a phone call and talking with someone.  The client may appreciate the anonymity that a chat system offers at first.  You can use the chat to try to move the conversation into the real world via phone or meeting.  The issue with chats up till now is for the most part, you had to be logged in at your computer system.  Nowadays though, Meebo offers mobile site hookups.  So from your Apple iPhone or whatever mobile 21st century technology you are using, you can log into Meebo and be available for chatting.

I have helped to integrate this into several marketing campaigns for clients and as it turns out, we pick up almost double the leads we had been getting prior to the use of chat.  As to the specifics of the marketing campaigns, those are for the PropertyMinder, Inc. TECH-MAR Clinic attendees.  The TECH-MAR Clinics show many different ways to integrate the available technologies out there into your website to maximize the return on investment of not only your funds, but your most valuable commodity, time.

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