Is “Free” Really Free (Or Good Enough)?

Tawd Frensley, our VP of Sales and Marketing, delivers another
articulately pointed and factually-driven wake-up call.


Here’s a question…

Is free really free? Or better yet, is free good enough?

Your broker, bless their heart, provides you with a website for your business. It’s obviously not free (you either pay for it a part of your desk fees or it is taken out of your transactions). Yet, you still call it free (I guess because you are not physically paying for it on your own).

It has MLS search and the ability to email clients, sure, but is it good enough?
It may cost nothing (other than listings and referrals), how can you call it free?

You can’t.
Transactions = money (unless getting paid with Outback Steakhouse gift cards and compliments is a thing now).

I just got off the phone with an agent in Tennessee regarding this exact topic (hence the post). It ended really well, getting hung up on.

I never take that personal though, in fact, I cherish those moments and laugh a little.
All it means is that she had nothing left to say and could no longer defend her one dimensional view that her broker has created. Her inability to see past something not costing her money out of pocket was not her fault, it’s where she works.

Side note: before she abruptly ended the call I asked her “who the top agent was in your office?” This answer led me to Google the top agent, and lo and behold, they weren’t using the free website!

Imagine my surprise.



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