Is History turning the page on you?

I’ve found the most ideal age to begin training tomorrow’s realtor.  The rough starting age can be anywhere from 8 to 14 years old.  The youths in this age group have access to technology that was not imaginable fifteen years ago and they are not burdened with the memories and experiences of yesterday’s technology.  Your surroundings become a part of you as you grow up and for these kids, text, video, instant and all forms of virtual messaging are almost second nature.  The use of the internet for social networking is part of their daily lives and they can participate in several diverse social networks and have friends that stretch across the globe.  I was happy when my walkie talkie allowed me to talk to my best friend across the street.  My father used two tin cans to do the same trick in his day.  My son instant messages people in Prague on his iPhone.

I still see some websites that are very yesterday.  For the owners of these websites, it must be like me and my love of the walkie talkie over my dislike of learning new technology.  I have to make an effort to embrace change if I want to keep myself in the now and off of the history side of the page.

Does your website have lead capture points in it?  Are these points what the customers are looking for?  Are they easily found?  Do you have an online marketing plan of attack?  If you do not KNOW (and I really mean KNOW) what your plan is and what your website’s strengths are in the area of lead capture, you may be slowly sailing into history.

PropertyMinder has a two week trial of the PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Websites that will allow you to try and compare our lead capture tools against your current ones.  During your trial you will also have access to our free live classes that can help you with your plan of attack.  If you are completely lost and have no plan at all, try thePropertyMinder TECH-MAR Clinic which can help to educate you on the how, what, where and why of online real estate marketing.

My main point is for you to do anything to stay on this side of the ever flipping pages of history.  Find something to love in the technology and change and then do it.  If you can find a way to stay involved in the changes and not let yourself get frustrated into doing nothing, then you can grow your business with the new Realtor generations to come.

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