Just 20 minutes a day in the last 62 Days of 2014

20 minutes: Break the monotony, get creative!
Design a couple of whimsical (non-business related) drip e-mail campaigns (or start blogging).

Some campaign ideas:

  • Share your favorite pumpkin/gourd recipes
  • Post about fun neighborhood events in the community
  • Invite people for a cider or pumpkin pie get-together

20 Minutes a Day, PAYS.

Conjure Referrals and Resurrect Past Clients

MYTH: I work off referrals so I don’t need a website.

FACT: Small, meaningful “touches” are essential – but there’s no time to have those face-to-face encounters with ALL your leads and past clients. In addition, referrals look you up online. Do you want them to see your personal Facebook page or your professional website that shows your talents and experience?

These intermittent “touches” LEAD to the face-to-face and phone conversations, allowing you to keep interacting with your clients and leads in regular, significant and honest ways.

ALSO: People remember domain names more than they recollect phone numbers or email addresses.

Dust off those cobwebs.
A quality website should:

  1. Provide instant information so your visitors STAY.
  2. Build lasting and personal relationships with your buyers and sellers.
  3. Brand you as an expert in the areas you work.
  4. Be easy to find, easy to use, and easy on the eyes.

If your website does not contain these 4 characteristics you should consider changing your email signature from: “The best way to compliment me is referring your friends and family” to: “When you refer someone to me, I make it difficult for them to find me. Sorry”.

Any questions or comments?

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