Keep Things Brewing

Did you know:

In New York it’s a legal requirement for a seller to disclose if a property under inspection is believed to be haunted by ghosts?

Speaking of ghosts – what are you doing to prevent your website from turning into an invisible apparition of the past?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can seem mysterious and eerie. But fear not. We’re here to put your worries to rest.

Below are a few easy SEO tips to keep your online presence from fading into a lifeless spook.

BOO. Know the right lingo.

  • A great way to figure out effective SEO Keywords is to send an email to friends, family, and networks that are not in real estate.

Ask them: “What words or phrases would you use to find a real estate agent or a home?” This will give you a better idea of how people search for real estate online.

Keep things brewing.

  • Create interesting content related to your niche market and your specialty areas. This highlights the perks of any area and gets people excited about living there.
  • Does your area have any specific neighborhood nicknames? Add those as keywords.
  • Make sure to update the permalink and keywords for any custom and/or system pages.

Take note of ghouls – er – schools.

  • What are the main school districts or schools in your area?
  • Adding school information to your SEO will help you be found by people with children.

Trick or Treat: We have the tools competition cannot beat.

  • Create Custom IDX links for your specific area.
  • You can create Custom IDX links based on neighborhoods, school districts, or a general area. Each IDX page and the results are indexed by search engine

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