Less than 24 hours from now

The “Keep Your Clients Away From Zillow” Webinar is tomorrow

April 16th
08:00 AM-08:30 AM PST Register
10:30 AM-11:00 AM PST Register
Keep your clients away from:

  • The listing agent down the street
  • This weekend’s Open House
  • Zillow

Seller’s Corner will help you:

  • Reconnect with your existing database of sellers and referrals.
  • Grow your database by simply asking the question “Would you like to know the value of your home in today’s market?”
  • Capture open house “nosy neighbors” and start marketing to them.
  • Drive consistent traffic to your website to keep you Top-of-Mind.
  • Motivate the homeowners in your database who may be thinking about selling.
  • Stay connected to your homeowners by providing them with valuable market data as soon as anything happens in their neighborhood.
  • Keep your clients away from large syndication portals that want to capture their contact information.
  • Keep your clients from calling the listing agent from the For Sale Sign down the street and going to open houses without you.
  • Extract more listings from your database by losing less business to other agents in your market.



  • Will become more prominent in your clients’ email inbox.
  • Will be sending custom details to each client which saves them from getting out of their car or having to spend time searching on the web.
  • Will be top-of-mind for more referrals.
  • Will increase market awareness for all your sellers.
  • Will lose less business to undeserving realtors who were in the right place at the right time.


Hidden in your database is a goldmine, a pillar of business most real estate agents ignore.

A few minutes a day. A few simple steps. And you will see results.


Easy. Powerful. Listing Generation.


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