Like bees to honey…

Internalize your marketing with these easy tips.

Your website is an extension of you- it is the “honey.” It is your digital storefront that shows your past successes and areas of expertise. Most agents send emails, flyers, and postcards to their clients without any call-to-action to visit their website. Anything you send should bring people, “the bees,” to your website.

The purpose of internalized traffic is to remind your clients of your domain name, the unique spelling of your name, your contact information, your real estate knowledge, and that you are a genuine person that makes a living from the relationships you have built.

If they do not know of your website, they may go elsewhere for information or they may start looking at other real estate agents. Having your clients on your website helps with branding, consistent traffic generation, and lets them see what type of agent you are. Draw them in like bees to honey.

Let’s get this goin':

Lead leads and past clients from your emails to your website: Instead of sending out an article, email, flyer, card, newsletter, contest announcement, update, or a market report to your clients in the body of an email, add that article or report to your website. When you send this out, provide a link that will direct them to that exact page.

Your website should be a place to locate valuable real estate information, not just a place for your phone number and portrait photo.

MLS Searches: Set up your searches through your AccelerAgent website. We understand that your MLS provides you with the ability to set up searches for your clients. Your buyers should be looking at homes on your website. They should be reminded that your website has everything they need to make informed real estate decisions.

Seller’s Corner: Set up your homeowners on Seller’s Corner alerts. These updates will give your homeowners the information they need about home values, while simultaneously being directed to your personal website.

Custom Pages - Get creative, create a custom page that is tailored to your contacts’ needs. Make it specific, useful, and fun. Include useful links and showcase your personality and knowledge. Search engines will track these pages, and may bring internet traffic back to this page, and thus to your website.

The Property Details Page: Every listing on your AccelerAgent website has a Property Details Page. Towards the bottom not only is there a link to your website (and the URL of this page is also your website URL) but there is a Share function. If you or your contacts share this page to, for example, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media tool- this will create links back to your website for whoever sees the “Share.”

Holiday gifts: Are you giving out bottles of wine with customized labels? Or any kind of gift where your name and phone number is placed? Include your website URL. All of your holiday cards and gifts should inform people of your website.

Social Media: Are you posting on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? Are you holding contests or featuring fun holiday photos, exclusive home tips, or neighborhood data, on your website? If so, make sure to post at least 2 or 3 social media posts with a link back to your website every week.

Questions? Suggestions? Care to share you favorite holiday recipe with us? We love sweets!

We want to “meet” you.
Happy Holidays,
Anna and Tim
PropertyMinder’s Community Managers

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