Marketing Ahead of Your Competition

Many agents who took advantage of PropertyMinder’s TechMar Program made the switch from image-based marketing to direct response marketing. Within a few months, they began to see fantastic results.

Image advertising is the creation of a particular perception for your service. According to, “While there is definitely a role for image advertising in creating awareness, an entire marketing strategy built around image is not going to create loyalty because it is, by nature, a one-way communication strategy.”

Direct response marketing is designed to solicit a direct feedback which is specific and quantifiable. The delivery of the response is direct between the viewer and the advertiser (source:

Any agent can start the road to direct response marketing by following these 2 tips on how to instantly generate interest through your website.

Numbers and Statistics: For example, if you save your buyers 12% on the purchase of a home on average, say it! Instead of having a slogan that says “I have the honesty, integrity and passion to make people’s dreams come true”, make your slogan “I guarantee to save you 10% on your next home purchase or you get $1,000.00.” Notice the first slogan is more focused on you, the agent, and the second is focused on the client’s desires.

In buyer marketing, a simple way to figure out your unique statistics is to go through the last 12 months of your transactions. Take the list price, subtract the final purchase price and the difference is the total savings.

Specialties: Become the expert. For example, you specialize in working with first time home buyers. Instead of having a slogan that says “Leading people to achieve their dreams with passion and expertise”, try using “An expert in saving first time home buyers thousands of dollars. It’s guaranteed”. Notice again that the first slogan is more focused on you, the agent, and the second is focused on the client’s desires.

It is also important to know where your audience is. List yourself on sites that get the most traffic, but most of all, those that are relevant to your real estate services.

PropertyMinder continues to offer the TechMar Program to help agents develop their Internet Marketing skills. PropertyMinder has helped more than 30,000 Real Estate agents and brokers quickly adjust to the post-Internet reality and take advantage of tremendous opportunities to secure success in Real Estate.

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