Mobile App Invitation System (Single Recipient)

Mobile App Invitation System

Since the launch of the PropertyMinder Mobile App in October, we have been working on tools to help with the promotion and distribution of the app from your online database to your clients. So with that being said, we have just released our Mobile App Invitation System which will send personal invites to download your Mobile App. Additionally and most importantly, the Activation Code on these invites will be only attributed to these contacts. This means that these contacts only have to enter the special Activation Code and WILL NOT have to register or enter their email/password. The app will start to work immediately for them!

Please view our Screenshots and instructions on how to setup the Invitations.


  • Login to your PropertyMinder Toolkit
  • Go to your Contact List inside your CRM (Learn how to Import Contacts)
  • Click on the “Send App Invite” button next to a Contact
  • Setup Email Message: Enter a proper Email Subject, pick the “App Invite”, select a Template, then press SEND
    DO NOT Remove the coding labeled “{:MobileAppActivationCode}”
  • The email will be sent to the contact with a special Activation Code attributed to that Contact. That contact will not need to enter their email/password combo! This special Activation Code bypasses that step!
  • Next to each Contact, it will say Pending or Installed next to their entry in the Contact List. Go to the to MOBILE APP list to see all who have Installed your app.

To learn how to setup the Invitations, please register for our Mobile App Training Webinar on Thursday, January 24th at 9am PST (12pm EST): REGISTER

Please view Screenshots with descriptions on each image

If you have any questions, please contact or call (800) 743-5820.

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