Mobile App Invitation System (Multiple Recipients)

Mobile App Invitation System

In our previous blog post, we showed you how to send Mobile App Invites to one recipient at a time. In this post, we will show you how to send it to whole contact lists or email databases.

Please view our Screenshots and instructions on how to setup the Invitations.


  • Login to your PropertyMinder Toolkit
  • Go to your Contact List inside your CRM (Learn how to Import Contacts)
  • Click on the “Send Message” link located top left of the list
  • Type an Email Subject, pick the Mobile App Category, pick the “App Invite”, select a Template, then press SEND
    DO NOT Remove the coding labeled “{:MobileAppActivationCode}”
  • Individual emails will be sent to all recipients in the list. All recipients will each receive a unique Activation Code. This Activation Code is different than you assigned yourself. This version will bypass the contact from entering email/password and will take them to the real estate search.
  • Next to each Contact, it will say Pending or Installed next to their entry in the Contact List. Go to the to MOBILE APP list to see all who have Installed your app.

To learn how to setup the Invitations, please register for our Mobile App Training Webinar on Thursday, January 24th at 9am PST (12pm EST): REGISTER

Please view Screenshots with descriptions on each image

If you have any questions, please contact or call (800) 743-5820.

2 Responses to “Mobile App Invitation System (Multiple Recipients)”

  1. Hap Parsons says:

    I reviewed the email “App Invite”, and found it poorly written. Please take a look at the grammar and context. It’s not something I can send to my clients.

    Thank you,

  2. RealEstateWebsites says:


    You are able to edit any message in the Campaign templates area.

    Just don’t delete the code labeled, “{:MobileAppActivationCode}”


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