Monday’s Tip

Where did your last listing come from?

63% of all recent listings did not come from the listing agent’s database. They are a result of outside contact and internet navigation.

Where are they coming from? However, the better question is- how many of your clients have listed with another agent? How many of your clients contacted the agent from the ‘For Sale’ sign down the street? How many of your clients have gone to “Extremely Large Syndication Portals” and filled out interest forms?
If you divide all of your buyers transactions by 63%, what kind of losses are your potentially facing?

It is pretty evident that sending a few emails per year is not enough. Maybe clients need more than, “The best way to compliment me is to refer your friends and family.” There are only so many emails about market conditions that people are willing to read. After a while, they stop opening them, which in turn opens doors for other agents to gain their attention.

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