New AccelerAd Designs For Craigslist

New AccelerAd Designs For Craigslist

PropertyMinder has created 5 new AccelerAd style templates for your Craigslist posts for a grand total of 7 designs. For every day of the week, agents will be able to post a different style of Craigslist flyer for each of their listings. Also, even more color & background options means that there are infinite ways the ad can be shown which will allow seemingly unlimited postings into Craigslist.

Please view the 5 new designs below.

We highly recommend that you test out our AccelerAd Craigslist posting tool today. If you haven’t test driven our websites, please signup in 3 easy steps: TEST DRIVE

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  1. The round corner AccelerAd for Craigslist has a clean graphic appearance and a professional look. The property information to the left of the photo(s) draws the eye immediately. The rounded corners of the ad make it “pop” out .

    Victoria Ralston

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