New business is the "why"

The five must-haves for a real estate website are: who, what, when, where and why. Day five of this series on the 5Ws of Internet marketing answers the “why”-why build a community hub.

In the past four posts, topics from finding a target audience to different ways of reaching them have been offered.  The answer to “why” is “to create new business”.  All of this effort is designed to help a Realtor® to transform their PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Website into a solid real estate lead generation tool.

The backbone of this transformation is the hub concept. Like spokes of a wheel going to it’s central hub, the different online marketing efforts the Realtor® is participating in should go back to the real estate website making it a community hub.  This will help the Realtor® to be recognized as a community maven.

All incoming traffic from your marketing efforts should be channeled back to sections of your real estate website that have the highest probability of being useful.  This will give you the best chance of engaging your new visitor’s attention.  All incoming web visitors are cataloged by the website.  Statistics of where visitors come from and which of your pages have been viewed the most should be reviewed by you often.  Use this information to make adjustments to the popular and less popular pages accordingly.  Visitors who are engaged by the real estate website’s offerings are recorded into the Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool of the website.  The CRM will allow the Realtor® to see everything a visitor has done from property search requests to report requests. To save the Realtor’s® time, the PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Websites automatically send requested information to the incoming visitors.  This fast response also pleases today’s online visitors who are accustom to instant information gratification.

This is not a new idea I am posting, nor is it another tired version of the axiom “If you build it, he will come”.  My efforts here are to assist agents who don’t have any idea how to drive traffic to their websites.  These trafficking ideas and the concept that the efforts must be focused to a central location are being implemented by many agents today.  For those Real Estate Agents who see this as a place they would like to be, but do not see the path, I suggest the PropertyMinder TECH-MAR Clinic.  PropertyMinder has helped thousands of Real Estate Agents and Brokersquickly adjust to the post-Internet reality. The TECH-MAR Clinic is the stepping stone of many agents that are uncomfortable with technology, as well as those who are already tech savvy, but want to learn new techniques in the market.

My personal thanks to Associate Broker Christina Ng who’s generous input helped this series of the 5W’s.

Stay inquisitive my friends.  For the lovers of technology, the best days are yet to come.

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