NEW Client Tracking Options

NEW Client Tracker Options

client tracking for real estate

Here is a list of the new Client Tracking Options

  • New Search Query Interface
  • New Export Client Activity Report (CSV Format – Microsoft Excel)
  • New “Add/Edit Comment” to each tracking event
  • New Send Message to filtered contacts
  • New Search Query Interface
    It is as important as ever to know what your clients are doing on your real estate website. By knowing who is searching, what they are searching, and when they are searching, it will be easier to qualify leads, and keep on top of your clientele. For example, if you want to know who to call today, check your Client Tracking and give them a ring!

    New Export Client Activity Report
    Easily export the filtered contacts that were queried into a CSV file (Microsoft Excel) so that you can keep track of it offline. View an EXAMPLE.

    Add/Edit Comment to each tracking event
    Quickly add or edit a comment regarding each tracking event

    Send Message to filtered contacts
    There may be cases where you want to send messages to the visitors who most recently performed an action on your website. Quickly find these clients and send a message to them using our email campaign system!

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