NEW Drop Down Menus Feature

Drop Down Menus

We have added a new Drop Down menu navigation feature to our Terra and Homescape website designs. This will allow you to combine certain pages, niches, or sections together as well as highlight your most important pages instantly to your visitors. For example, you can put a section for Buyers, Sellers, Buildings, Custom IDX pages, REOs, Rentals, or whatever content that you may have added.

Drop Down Menu Steps:

  • Login to your Admin Toolkit
  • Go to Website Editor
  • Go to Website Designer & select either Homescape or Terra Design
  • Go to Configure Design
  • In the Navigation Buttons section, highlight one of the existing Tabs
  • Once a Tab has been Highlighted, Press ADD, then select an existing page to which it will be binded to
  • You may edit the text, link of the page, and anchor text for each page that is selected
  • Press Save after you have finished adding your drop down menus


  • Menu dropdown level is UNLIMITED – it can go on forever. (not recommended)
  • Left Menu navigation is still intact on the inner pages
  • Page has to be “Active” in Buttons to see it in the dropdown menu selector. This means that any unpublished page or Custom IDX page must be Enabled for it to be picked in the drop down navigation editor.

If you have any questions, please contact support @ (800) 742-5820.

5 Responses to “NEW Drop Down Menus Feature”

  1. Thanks for the great tutorial. That was easy! I like the fact we can add custom IDX Drop boxes here.Nice Update!

  2. RealEstateWebsites says:


    The drop down menus look great!
    Glad you like it!

  3. Property Minder Helen Smith says:

    Nice new feature and good tutorial, thanks.

  4. Jo Barragan says:

    Love the everchanging new things you come up with. Noticed a spelling error today under your new design relaunch. Might want to edit that.

  5. RealEstateWebsites says:

    thnx Jo!

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