New Follow Up Campaign Options

PropertyMinder has added some options to our Follow-up functionality.

For any Follow-up campaign, you can choose to include all new contacts in the campaign’s list of recipients, include new contacts from certain contact groups, or not to send the campaign to new contacts.

To take advantage of these new options, go to the Client Relationship Management/Follow-up Campaign section of your Admin Toolkit.

Next to any campaign, you can see the list of recipients. Review it and make sure that all clients you wish to receive this campaign are there.

Then click on the campaign name to edit it.

At the bottom of the page you will see point 6 “Choose recipients”.

Select “Include all new users” if you would like all your new captured visitors and manually created contacts to receive this message. Select “Include new users from groups” and then check off desired groups to send this campaign to all new clients from the corresponding groups. If you do not want new contacts to hit this campaign’s list of recipients, just select “Include new users from groups” and do not check off any group.

If you would like to apply these sending rules to all existing clients in your contact list, then check off the option “Apply this settings for all existing contacts”.

Please feel free to test the enhanced Follow-up features. If you have further questions, call Customer Support at 800-743-5820 or email

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