NEW Registration Options for the Agent-Branded Mobile App

New Registration Options for Agent-Branded Mobile App

A very important update to the agent-branded PropertyMinder mobile app has just been released. This affects the registration for first time app users who have just downloaded your PropertyMinder mobile app from the App Stores. You may now choose when these first time visitors register after they have entered your Activation Code.

  • Delayed Registration Enabled (unlimited searches)
  • Immediate Registration Enabled (No Searches until registration)
  • 1 unregistered search enabled
  • 3 unregistered searches enabled
  • 5 unregistered searches enabled
  • 10 unregistered searches enabled
  • 20 unregistered searches enabled

For the Delayed Registration, this means that your mobile app visitors can perform as many searches as they want, but must register to Add Favorites or Request info/appointments. For this option, your Client Tracking will NOT work until they finally do register.

For the Immediate Registration, this is the current or original format for new app visitors. They must register immediately after entering your Activation Code. Client tracking will work immediately for this setting.

For the 1,3,5,10,20 unregistered search enabled settings, this means that a new app visitor can perform X amount of searches before the system forces them to register. Just like the previous setting, Client Tracking will NOT work until the finally do register.

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PropertyMinder Mobile App Registration

To edit this preference, please login to your Toolkit,go to Preferences, then scroll to the bottom where it says “Mobile App Preferences” and select the drop down option. Press Submit when finished.

Note: this setting is only for visitors who have entered your primary Activation Code. We still recommend that you send the unique Activation Code to your existing contacts in your CRM by using the Mobile App Invitation System.

If you have any questions, please contact or (800) 743-5820.

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