Once a person buys a home, they become a seller. Do the right thing.

Once a person buys a home, they become a seller. Regardless if they have owned a home for 8 minutes or 2 years, the next real estate action they will take will be be selling their home.

This is not the time to completely forget about them and only concentrate on your next client. But, boy oh boy how many of us do this very thing. It is silly. You have to look ahead. The smartest of agents nurture hundreds, if not thousands of contacts in their database for years with automated tools, that do work for them, while they are in the field, or busy forming new relationships.

Make sure to identify and organize all of your sellers in your PropertyMinder CRM.

Quick Tip:

If you have a list of home owners in a particular city, you can set up 1 Neighborhood Search for Active and Sold listings. The beauty of your PropertyMinder website is that you can apply one Search to as many clients as you would like.

Let them know what’s happening in their city. Keep on your clients and keep them in-the-know from now on, until you hang up your license.

Oh and our client tracking is second to none. Know everything your online leads are doing, and contact/give them information based on their specific activity on your website.

Let’s focus on 2 things in 2014:

  1. Increasing your total listings
  2. Losing ZERO business to Zillow agents.

Set up those neigborhood searches. Organize that CRM. And you will have a successful 2014!

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