Our New Calendar Tool

Inside your PropertyMinder toolkit you will have a calendar to help you manage day-to-day tasks. Each task has a specific color to help you organize your day, your week, and your month!

A few highlights:

  • Neatly arranged standard real state practices and tasks (i.e. -open houses, showings, listing presentations, birthdays) so you can clearly see what tasks need to be accomplished.
  • Each task will be flagged as completed or missed to ensure that no business falls through the cracks.
  • All events can be edited, moved to a later date, and are equipped with a click and drag feature to speed up managing your calendar.
  • The system will distinctly track upcoming events, missed calendar events and completed events.
  • Again – you will be routinely notified of upcoming events to better manage your client relationships!

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  1. johnny says:

    When will this tool be available for use?

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