Over 15 NEW Past Client Email Texts Ready-To-Go & 3 FREE Ones Here!


Summer starts next month. 

Have you set up past client email campaigns, yet? Written a few short emails?
Do you spend 20 minutes a day sending 5 to 10 emails? Time to start!

Summer is coming and people are going to start thinking about making a change.
Or they will be around people (parks, barbecues, pool parties, hikes),
who may need a real estate agent or real estate info. Up the chances of securing a referral!

We have over 15 NEW Past Client email texts ready to go in our Toolkit
and I will include three free ones below from the new batch. 

Have you thought about calling your past clients (or old leads) and beginning the conversation with:

“Hi, how have you been? I am sorry I have not reached out to you in a while, but I would love to reconnect!”


“Many people find the home buying process stressful. I like to make it fun and smooth. I hope you remember our experience together. Are you still in the market for a new home? Or do you know someone who is?”

You can even weave in a reminder to people to not forget to manicure their front yard and/or provide your contacts with useful tips around household upkeep. Let people know that even if they are not ready to buy or sell, that having up-to-date real estate activity sent directly from you does not hurt.
Remind them how much of value you can be.

Below are three email texts for you to use. 

If you want access to the rest and are not a PropertyMinder customer,  please sign up for a 30 day Free Test Trial:


Email Text 1: 
Past Client (Homeowner)
Subject line: I drove by your home and thought of you

It has been some time since we talked or wrote each other.
I drove past your house the other day and thought of you. I didn’t want to disturb you, so I thought I would email you and tell you your home looked great. Did you find someone to do the home improvements or was it all DIY?

Let me know if you ever need a quote from some quality companies. I have a good network of contractors available.
I hope everything is great in your life.

Talk to you soon.



Email Text 2: 
Past Client (Buyer)
Subject Line: My objective is not to bombard you with emails

I hope this note finds you well. Do you have any exciting summer plans? I understand you and your family have been busy, and I hope summer will give you all some time to relax.

I saw your activity on my website, and wanted to see how you were doing and if I could help you find what you were looking for. Whether you are looking at homes for fun or beginning to consider making a move, I am here to help in any way you may need. My objective is not to bombard you with emails, but to make sure you have the exact information that matches what you like looking at on the web.

Perhaps there is something in life that has changed that influences your searches and why you are searching? Receiving timely and accurate updates on home values in your neighborhoods can be quite useful in helping you understand current home values.
I’d love to hear back from you about your research and see if I can further guide you towards the information you need.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Email Text 3: 
Past Client (For the Buyer and Homeowner)
Subject Line: Is anyone you know interested in real estate activity? 

As you know, I’m always looking for more people to help in real estate. I was wondering: who do you know that needs my help to buy or sell a home this year?
Perhaps someone at your work, a neighbor, or even someone at your church has talked about moving recently.
If so, I would greatly appreciate your recommendation.

Also, I figured this would be a good time to see if you would want to know about real estate activity in your neighborhood. I have this cool report to share with you, which lets you see what just listed and sold nearby.

Let me know, it only takes a second to set you up.
Have a great one!


We want you to be successful this spring and summer, so please take advantage of these new email texts. Use them as guides for phone pitches, social media posts, and texts (SMS); not just emails.  

Let me know what worked for you or if you need any help!

Talk with you soon,

PropertyMinder’s Community Manager

Make sure you have a plan for the summer real estate rush.
We can help. 

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