Overcoming Objections + Scripts Webinar

A follow up to our highly regarded 7 Keys to Abundance in Real Estate webinar. This special seminar will have a more hands-on approach by giving audience members the chance to ask questions, role play, learn specific techniques, learn scripts for different business scenarios, learn how to overcome objections, and much more. Host Mark Burstein will have special guest speaker Eric Orland back to go over all these subjects. You will not want to miss it.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, April 12 at 9am. PST (12pm EST)
REGISTER today! For PropertyMinder Clients only. All participants will be screened

See what others have been saying about Eric’s seminars:

“An extremely gifted speaker. Eric’s no nonsense approach is motivating yet delivered with elegance. The fundamental tools an agent needs is conveyed with as much substance as anyone I have heard speak in my 32 years in the real estate business.“

Orhan Tolu
Century 21 Realty Alliance Inc. President
Century Mortgage Network Inc. President
Century 21 Alliance Vice President

“One of the most inspiring and motivating speakers ever. Eric Orland provides cutting edge material and delivers it in a manner that allows anyone to be successful who chooses to implement”

Tommy Smith – GBA investments

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