Planning to Fail?

Planning to Fail?

In my 8 years of Real Estate Sales experience and 5 years of mentoring and coaching I have witnessed many agents come and go in the business. Working in a very large office my entire career with more than 150 agents in business I have had plenty of opportunity to make some key observations that have served me well and kept my business… in business.

My first and most important observation is work ethic, or lack thereof among many of my peers. Life throws many distractions at us on a daily basis that detract from our business: spouse issues, kid issues, water cooler chatter, daytime TV, video games, the internet, and my personal favorite distraction fantasy football. It is easy to get consumed, lose focus, and before you know it, a day is gone, then a week, then the quarter… but some things never lose focus, never forget, and always appear like clockwork: BILLS. So after time, the bills show up, but the income… not always there when you need it.

We know the bills are coming, we know we need to produce in order to pay them, so why do so many agents waste time goofing around and are not focused on doing what is necessary to pay those bills. If you break it down the necessary actions to ensure success are pretty simple and can be broken into 2 main functions: 1. Meet new people, 2. Communicate with the people you already know (not other agents around the water cooler). Simple right?

The reason in my opinion that agents waste time goofing around is that they have no idea as to what needs to be done on a daily basis to keep them in business. They do not have a plan. I know, we have all heard and read this statement many times so what I am about to state should be nothing new:

“Failing to plan is like planning to fail”.

Is business planning in the Real Estate business that daunting of a task? Folks, we are not pioneering new frontiers here. The Real Estate business has been around for… well… forever! A few new advances, a few new methods are introduced every now and again, like computers, cell phones, the internet, social networking, etc… but at the end of the day, our goals are simple, we are looking to find a) people that want to buy Real Estate, b) people that want to sell Real Estate, and this is accomplished by  1) meeting new people, 2) communicate to the people you already know. Simple…

So what are some ways that we can accomplish our goals? What we can we do on a daily basis to meet new people, and communicate to the people you already know?

Next week I will discuss some basic strategies that you can implement to create an effective and easy to follow business plan to help tackle these specific issues.

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