Planning to Fail? Part 2

Planning to Fail Part 2

In my last post (part 1), I shared some insights into Business Planning, or really, lack thereof, as to one of the main reasons agents do not reach their potential and end up, out of business.

To solve this problem, well, it’s simple; let’s start doing some business planning.

Now I can hear the groans from sea to shining sea, but folks, I am not talking about writing a 10 year plan, or a 5 year plan, or even a 1 year plan. Who has time for that? You do not get paid a salary to run financial forecasts, you are not a business analyst, you are a Real Estate Sale Person or Broker and you need to be out there, meeting new people and communicating to people you already know, not stuck in an office for hours planning your career through retirement.

But, we all need some focus and a little direction. Heck even in competitive football, the team develops a game plan, and they call plays. Even at the most basic levels of organized pee-wee football, they still call plays. Only in casual backyard games do we just line up and go, when we are having fun with our friends, pretending to be Joe and Jerry, or Troy and Michael, etc…

Is your business a casual backyard game or is it a serious career which your family depends on for food, shelter, and security? If its casual, then who cares, go about your business doing whatever and maybe you will get a deal this month. But, if you are serious about your business, if you have loved ones depending on you, well, isn’t success too important to just go out there and wing it?

You need a plan… A plan is not something you can just go out and buy. It is something that must come from you. I can give you some direction, but in reality, if it is not your plan, you will not execute, and if you do not execute, then you will fail. Back to the football analogy; if you are calling the play in your huddle, chances are, you are going to run that play. If your buddy is calling the play and he tells you to stop at the red Buick, but you want to run to the end zone, are you going to stop at the Buick or will you do your own thing?

In your business, you need to call the plays.

So, the question of the moment… What plays are you going to call?

As you ponder that question, you may want to consider these guidelines.

1. Start with your goals and work back
2. Remind yourself of why you chose this profession.
3. Plan for no more than 30 days out.
4. Break to do items down to a DAILY level of must do action items.
5. Don’t forget to time block to service your current clients
6. Work within your budget.
7. Each plan item dealing with lead generation must answer 1 of the 2 basic questions:
a. How am I going to meet new people?
b. How am I going to communicate with the people I already know?
8. Should have a min. 4 lead generation items working at all times when running at full capacity
a. Start with 1 – when it works well, add another, until you get to 4.
9. Keep Statistics
10. Plan monthly, but review weekly.

This should get the hamster wheels turning 

Check out the blog next week as we get into more specifics on this topic.

What lead generation systems are you using in your business?

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