PPC Conversions Script Manager

PPC Conversions Script Manager

Track lead conversions from your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns! PropertyMinder has just added the functionality to track which text/image ad, keywords, and adgroup created a lead for you. By knowing which keywords are helping you obtain leads & conversions, you can better measure your success and boost your ROI.

You will be able to tag which lead capture form on your AccelerAgent website is worthy of being considered a conversion. For example, pick from forms such as MLS search registrations, Schedule an Appointment, Request more Info, and Home Evaluation form (CMA), to name a few. All of our default lead capture forms have a check-box which can the conversion code can be added.

Photos of the PPC Conversions Script Manager:


  1. Login to your Google Adwords Account.
  2. On the Reporting & Billing tab, click on Conversions
  3. Create New Conversion
  4. Copy snippet of code
  5. Inside Admin Toolkit, Click on Website Editor, then PPC Conversions Scripts
  6. Click on “Add Script” then name the Script and paste the Conversion Code into the big box
  7. In the “where script will be added” area, pick either “Before Closed ” or “after opened ” for Google Adwords campaigns
  8. Select which Lead Capture forms this code will work on such as MLS search registrations, schedule appointments, etc.
  9. Press Save

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