The AccelerAgent website’s Custom IDX pages are now mobile friendly!


PropertyMinder’s AccelerAgent website suite is your complete internet, mobile, and social platform.  There are some things we can assume about the people who visit your AccelerAgent website:

1. They don’t have a lot of time.

2. They are probably using a mobile device.

AccelerAgent allows you to promote your listings across the internet and keeps your contact database engaged and in-the-know. AccelerAgent nurtures your sphere of influence. But we always want to make sure AccelerAgent adapts to the needs, habits, and preferences of your clients. It’s our job to make sure that you are able to make listing searches easy on your contacts and that you are able to cater to their habits.

Additionally, we want to make sure that your contacts and clients can access those searches easily from their smartphones. We know agents and their clients love the Custom IDX/Hot List pages…and who wouldn’t? They’re convenient and easy to use. Just click and browse. AccelerAgent has been mobile friendly for several months now. Today we are announcing that the Custom IDX and Hot Lists designs are now mobile device-friendly as well.


Mobile internet usage is at an all-time high, so we launched our mobile-optimized websites. Now, we added options for you to edit your mobile friendly real estate website.

Instructions for Current Customers: 

Login to your Toolkit. Go to Configure Mobile Site.  You will be able to edit these settings:

  • Show Mobile Version on Smartphones
  • Show Mobile Version on iPads/Tablets
  • Show Hot Lists (what’s a Hot List)
  • Show Custom IDX pages


The Custom IDX allows you to pre-specify your listing results in order to cater to your clientele. With PropertyMinder’s Custom IDX tool, you will be able to create a niche page based on any number of specialties, for example: Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs, Rentals, Luxury Homes, City/Area Specific, and more. This allows the clients who are either not computer savvy or are in a hurry, to search active listings on your website with the click of one button. They do not have to manually do a search themselves. A Hot List is a also a list that you can place as a page on your website. This one differs from a Custom IDX because you choose properties one by one, by MLS #, and place them on the list.

However you choose to build the list, the work is already done for your client, so all they have to do is sit back and browse, and then contact you.

We all know that today’s real estate home-seeker is using their mobile device anywhere you imagine. In the car, in the bathroom (hey, it’s true!), while watching TV, before they even get out of bed. One fifth of all real estate searches happen on a mobile device. 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset or during their search.



Instead of having the home-buyer perform their own searches- the Custom IDX and Hot List is a pre-built search results page that appear automatically on the page. Engage your visitors immediately and simplify that user experience. We don’t want to assume our busy home-seeker is at the office or is at home (or that they even own a laptop or desktop computer), so we made sure they can access these list from their phones and tablets. Giving your clients accessible-from-anywhere, instantaneous, tailored information will keep you on the cutting edge and will set you apart from the competition. It will present you as an agent who understands and cares about their clients and it will keep people on your website. Do what you have to do to be remembered. Brand your name and yourself as a community (and technology) expert!

We don’t have to remind you that we are low inventory housing market. Custom IDX and and Hot List pages that show active listings on a attractive, streamlined interface (with photos, details, contact information) are very important in such a competitive market. Making information readily available to people who are considering selling their home is a strategic move on your part.    So get to it!


If you have any questions, please contact or (800)743-5820.

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